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lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012

A good climate debate

  • It is not good to have a prejudice if we would like to create a good debate climate. It’s normal to have prejudices as human beings. But in a debate climate, it is not fair to have these kind of prejudices.

  • The teacher should explain how it will be. She or he should set some certain rules.

  • The most important thing in a debate climate is that everybody should respect to each other.

  • At the beginning, it’s necessary to discuss what they think.

  • You have to think about before you discuss.

  • Students have to designate the ways of how to ask the questions about culture in a polite way.

  • The discussion should be student-centered, not teacher-centered.

  • The teacher should act as intermediary

  •  It’s important that the children learn how to explain their opinions. They can link between their thought and their culture.

2 comentarios:

  1. Concerning prejudices do you think that Iben Jensen's "analytical model" (read for December 6th) could be useful? How

    What should the set of rules be? Could the advices that Dorete Kallesøe gives us be reformulated into rules in for a classroom activity?

  2. As it said in the text called “ Analytical Model. Introduction to Cultural Understanding”, one of four tool is related to prejudices. Although Gadamer prefers call them “pre-understandings”.

    That is right, prejudices are somehow linked with our own thinking way.

    In my opinion the analytical model that Jensen proposes is a great tool to challenge prejudices. It helps people changes their cultural pre-understanding about other cultures , because they have to talk with a foreign person and dealing with cultural fix-point.

    I think that it is normal and usual that as being humans we are classifying information and pre-judge individuals we don’t meet or cultures that we don’t know. For avoiding that, it could be advisable to carry out these kind of task based on analytical model.

    Examples of rules could be:

    - Everybody has to know when they can talk. They can not interrupt other child.

    - When someone wants to ask something, she or he has to arise her or him hand and then, when the teacher realize that he/she wants to talk, the child can talk. Otherwise, a lot of children will ask without any kind of control, and it could be a disaster to talk and to be heard.

    - Obviously, children can not insult themselves.