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viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

Charlie and the Minions

Task: In the prezi presentation there are three problems to challenge. You have to choose a partner and a problem , try how it is solved with a tool of the web 2.0
This is our work. It is about dealing the strangeness in the school.The comic tool we chosen is Storybird. We have created a invented story that is called " Charlie and the Minions".

Here you have the link where you can find our work:

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

My experience

A. Feelings
  It's my first time that I travel abroad alone, with anyone. At first, this does not frighten me at all, but ,once I took the plane,  I could feel a mixed sensation of happiness and sadness, also. 
During my plane trip ,many times  I imagined  how my life would be here. I thought if it would easy, or maybe it could be a too much difficult for me, being that I haven't a high level of English.

 Anyway, when I arrived in Kastrup Airport, the first feel was a medley of self-reliance, freedom, and responsability as well.
 Later when I was in the Central Station of Copenhague
 I had many problems to find the correct train
 and its track,because there was some words like
 " til" or "fra" that I couldn't understand, so I tooke the 
wrong train, can you imagine? But at last, I was able 
to find the suitable train.

Obviously, the fixed time to arrive changed, so instead of the previous arrival, ( it was like 16:45),
 I arrived to Vordinborg at almost 20.00...It was a madness! 

I was waiting in the train station, but nobody came for pick me up, so I got a little bit nervous,
 until the situation changed to better. I received a call from another Spanish student, and later, 
a tutor picked me up, and she was really helpful ( she helped me with the luggages, and gave me the keys...).

I think that the first day was a a day of contrary feelings. At night, we met several students 
at the White House's common room, and it was really great because we  knew each other. I think this 
kind of meetings make oneself feel more comfortable , in a relaxed atmosphere. At first I was a bit insecure
 about my English and if others could understand what I meant. To be honest, it was a bit difficult to get 
to use to speak English, but currently, it's normal.

 After meeting my flatmates, I can say that I am a lucky: they are really nices girls, my apartment is fine,
 I have a large kitchen, a spacious room, and ... not what you gonna believe .. but I have a living room 
where we can have dinner together.I love my flat!!

So, I feel like home in my flat here =)

B. Knowledge

Obviously, when you, as foreign person , travel to another country that is not yours own, you find different traditions as well as behaviors  totally different from what we are get to use in our country. One thing that drove my attention was that when two people greet they're shaking their hands, because in Spain it is polite to give two kisses, except that two men greet each other,in this case shaking hands.

Regarding social life, I could see the street bikes were unlocked, and no one is stealing. That was strange. Also, I missed the silence of supermarkets, compared with Spain (usually put a background music or radio). All product labels in supermarkets were written in Danish, so we had to ask a few things to people, but people were really polite and helped us.

In relation to life in University: I like the fact that teachers give more importance to talk and comment aboutdifferent topics instead of being passive students.

Actually , the Spanish are generally a little bad at English  pronunciation , and this is caused mostly too much writing in school and the fact of teachers preferfocus primarily on grammar .For this reason, I think I feel a little bit insecure when talking to others.

C. Actions

In many occasions, there have been misunderstandings speaking English with other people, because they do not understand me or I could not understand what he meant, but in the end you end up getting it and understanding others.

In short, it's been a month since I arrived and I am totally adapted in this country and specifically in this town.

I hope this experience will be unforgettable. See you :))
Vordinborg's Port